It has been years since I wrote about personal branding. In this post, I’d like to revisit the topic because I believe that personal branding is an important part of our personal effectiveness.

What is a personal brand? Simply put, your personal brand is the promise of the value people will get when they come to you. This promise gives people a reason to come to you. As a result, it can future-proof your career.

The fact is, we now live in a fast-changing world. The market and the economy keep changing. If you have a strong personal brand, however, you will survive and even thrive. The reason is that people know you and will come to you. A strong personal brand puts you above the crowd and keeps you in people’s minds.

In the past, most people worked for just one organization for their entire career. That’s no longer the case these days. You should not expect to stay in the same organization for your entire career. Instead, you should be prepared to find new opportunities elsewhere or even start your own business. Having a strong personal brand can help you do these.

In my case, I am building my personal brand around “personal effectiveness.” That’s why I use “Maximizing Personal Effectiveness” as my tagline on my website and social media profiles. I also mention the topic of personal effectiveness often in my posts. I’m still in the process of building my personal brand, but I hope to build a strong one.

If you haven’t built your personal brand, I encourage you to start thinking about it. What value can you offer to the world? How do you want people to think about you in their minds? Answering these questions and acting upon them can help you build your personal brand.