We are about to leave 2010-2019 behind and enter a new decade. The new decade will bring new challenges and opportunities. How can we be prepared for them?

Well, I believe there is a lifestyle that will be relevant in the new decade. It’s a lifestyle of creativity.

I came to this conclusion when I looked at what is happening lately. More and more tools are available to unleash your potential as an individual. You can become a video blogger, an indie musician, a game developer, a writer, and more all by yourself. Not only that but also you can make a living from it. The possibilities are almost endless.

This trend, I’m sure, will continue in the next decade. I also believe that it will become important to embrace it. Why? Because job security might continue to decline. The threat of automation is real. In the next decade, artificial intelligence would automate many jobs. Embracing a lifestyle of creativity is a good way to future-proof yourself.

How can we embrace a lifestyle of creativity? Here are four tips.

1. Be curious. As I wrote above, the possibilities are almost endless. But how do you know what is out there? How do you know the options available to you? Well, I believe that curiosity is key. Curiosity pushes you to explore the world and discover new possibilities.

2. Learn how to learn. Thanks to the Internet, you have virtually unlimited resources to learn about anything. What’s important is your ability to take advantage of them. Knowing how to learn will become an essential skill to have.

3. Build a cushion. To embrace a lifestyle of creativity, you should build a financial cushion. The reason is that there is a possibility of failure. If you build an online business, for instance, it might not work in the beginning. Having a financial cushion allows you to experiment without making those who depend on you suffer.

4. Ship. With so many possibilities, it’s easy to get distracted by a new shiny thing and not finishing what you do. But as the saying goes, “Real artists ship.” So make sure that you have enough focus to get things done.

Any thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments!


P.S. I decided to extend the enrollment for Purpose Mastery until after the New Year.