I love to learn from great people and get inspired by their stories. Among them, Theodore Roosevelt (TR) is a favorite of mine. His story never ceases to inspire me.

Here I’d like to give you the reasons why I find TR inspiring. After reading them, I think you will agree with me that he is a great model to learn from.

Without further ado, here are five reasons why TR is inspiring.

1. His achievements are extraordinary.

The list of TR’s achievements is almost unbelievable. He is the youngest ever U.S. president, the winner of Nobel Peace Prize, and a recipient of the Medal of Honor. He also authored more than 30 books despite his busy schedule. He even had time to become America’s first brown belt in judo!

Franklin Roosevelt, his cousin who later became U.S. President, said that TR “was the greatest man I ever knew.”

2. He excelled in all five aspects of life.

There are five aspects of life. While many people excel in just one or two, TR excelled in all five. In fact, I have yet to find another person who excels in all five aspects.

Let’s see how TR did in each:

  • Working: The list of achievements above says it all. There is no doubt about it.
  • Learning: He read three books a day while he was in the White House. Many people can’t read three books a month.
  • Physical: As mentioned above, he had a brown belt in judo. He was also a boxer. He thrived in physical activities.
  • Social: He was very good at connecting with people. In fact, he became an example in the popular book How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  • Spiritual: He maintained his integrity throughout his career. He was also a devout Christian: a Bible was found under his pillow upon his death.

3. He thrived in both “extrovert” and “introvert” activities.

Normally, people thrive in just one kind of activities that matches their personalities, either extrovert or introvert. But TR excelled in both kinds of activities.

He excelled in getting along with people, an “extrovert” activity. But he also excelled in writing, an “introvert” activity. Again, it’s difficult to find someone who excels in both.

4. He was a great learner.

TR was a curious person. He read books in different fields. He also had a photographic memory. He often cited passages from books that he hadn’t seen for years.

I think the main reason for this ability was his focus. While he was reading, he couldn’t even hear his name being called. He was totally immersed in the book.

5. He excelled in energy management.

An important factor behind TR’s achievements is his energy. His energy was so abundant that he was called “steam engines in trousers”. This abundance of energy allowed him to do things with focus and enthusiasm.

This is remarkable because he was physically weak as a child. He got sick often. But one day his dad challenged him to make his body, and he did. He began exercising intensely, and over time became the energetic person he was.


These are the reasons why I find TR’s life inspiring.

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