If you want to live a fulfilling life, you should cultivate your portfolio of passions. What I mean is that you should make room for different passions of yours and nurture them.

Why is this important? Because reaching your full potential will make you feel fulfilled. The keyword here is full. Reaching your potential in one or two areas of your life is good, but it’s not the same as reaching your full potential. To reach your full potential, you should make room for multiple interests of yours and grow yourself there.

Let me share my personal story with you.

An early passion of mine is coding. I started coding in 1994 after my parents bought me a PC. That’s 28 years ago! I didn’t have Internet access back then nor did I have anyone to teach me, so I taught myself using books and magazines. I wrote simple games and it was fun! Guess what? Today, 28 years later, I still code and I still have fun doing it!

I didn’t stop with coding, though. Investing is another passion of mine that I started in 2002. After getting my first paychecks, I wondered how I could invest my savings to get better returns, so I started learning about investing. I’ve been investing ever since and I also have fun doing it!

In 2006, I dived into yet another passion: blogging. That’s when I started Life Optimizer. I was excited to write about personal development back then and today, more than 15 years later, I’m still excited about it.

I have other passions that I develop since 2006 but you get the idea. You should cultivate your portfolio of passions. Find and nurture multiple interests of yours. Don’t let self-limiting beliefs hinder you. 

The starting point is curiosity because it gives you the eagerness to explore the world. You can then experiment with new things and dive into those that you find interesting.

Your life will be more fun and colorful this way. Not only that, but also you will feel fulfilled. Why? Because you are unlocking your potential day by day. You are unlocking the best version of yourself.