All of us, of course, want to have good days. We all want to be productive and fulfilled every day. But the question is: how can we consistently have good days?

An important factor, I believe, is the way you start your day. The way you start your day can make or break it. If you start your day right, your day will be good. But if you don’t, the opposite will happen. That’s why it’s important that you start your day right.

The key to starting your day right is to have a good morning routine. If you have a good morning routine, you can start your day right by default. It’s as if you can automatically get a good start for your day. Isn’t that great?

But, for your morning routine to be good, it must include three elements. Here they are:

1. Clarity.

Your morning routine must help you gain clarity. It must help you know where you are going and why. It should also reconnect you to your values.

With clarity, it will be easier for you to make decisions throughout the day. Why? Because you can easily see whether something fits your overall direction or not.

So, in your morning routine, include an activity that helps you gain clarity. In my case, it’s prayer and reading the Scripture. In your case, it might be reflection time, meditation, or something else.

2. Energy.

If you want to be productive and enthusiastic throughout your day, one thing you must have is energy. So include an activity that boosts your energy.

The best thing to do for this is exercise. Make it a part of your morning routine, and you will feel the difference it makes.

3. Control.

In addition to clarity and energy, a good morning routine also helps you gain control over your day. You should know what you are about to face so that you can prepare for it.

For this, review your calendar and to-do list. You might also want to check some stats and information to get a sense of how everything is going. You can then decide what to do.


With these three elements, you will have a good start for your day. You will know where you are going (clarity), what to do (control), and what it takes to get them done (energy). Your day will be productive and fulfilling.

Any thoughts on how to have a good morning routine? Please share them in the comments. Thanks!