Note: This is a guest post from Jonathan Dunsky of World of Diets
The modern lifestyle is far from an active one. Many of us spend hours sitting down, practically motionless, either working, watching TV, or surfing the web. This inactive lifestyle may have some undesirable outcomes such as weight gain, increased tiredness, and various health issues. In my experience, active people are not only healthier but also happier. This is why I’ve compiled this list of 25 ways for you to be more active:

  1. Go dancing – Your spouse will likely adore you for it.
  2. Mow the lawn and do some gardening – You’ll connect with nature and save some money on gardening costs.
  3. Get rid of 10% of your stuff – You’ll find that you have things that you thought you had already thrown out.
  4. Get a dog – Taking it for a walk 3 – 4 times a day is a great way to be active.
  5. Play sports with your kids – If you don’t have kids you can play with your nephews or nieces or the dog you got from step #4.
  6. Go to a museum once a week, at least – Walking through the exhibition is a great activity which will enrich your soul.
  7. Paint your house – You know you’ve been making excuses why now is not a good time to do it.
  8. Start a softball team with your friends – It can also be basketball, or soccer, or any other sport that you enjoy.
  9. Volunteer – Whether it’s distributing food to the needy, helping elderly people, or participating in a fundraiser for a worthy cause in your community, you will do some good for the world and yourself.
  10. Rearrange your living room – Move all the furniture about and see how it looks. Maybe it’s time for a change, but you just don’t know it yet.
  11. Go for a walk each evening – Even if it’s just for 20 minutes after work.
  12. Take the stairs instead of the elevator – Climbing stairs is actually a great workout.
  13. Never order takeout during your lunch break – Walking to a restaurant is a great way to stretch your legs after sitting for hours at your desk.
  14. Clean your room – No, I’m not your mother. All I’m saying is that cleaning is a way to be active.
  15. Do some ironing – It’s an important skill and you may even save some money by doing it yourself.
  16. Join an amateur drama club – Rehearsing for a play is a great way to build confidence and it’s certainly better than spending more time in a chair.
  17. Start a little league team – Coaching kids can be a very rewarding experience and you’ll get to do some sports in the process.
  18. Go out to nature – Climb a mountain, go rowing in a nearby river or take a camping trip.
  19. Give your spouse a massage – This is one of the best ways to work with your hands.
  20. Bake bread – But don’t use a bread machine. Work the dough yourself. I’ve been baking bread for years. The bread you make yourself will taste better than any other you’ve eaten.
  21. Help a friend move – Not only will you be doing a favor that your friend will never forget, but you’ll also work all of your muscles by lifting things and laying them down again.
  22. Ride your bike to work – If it’s too far then ride to the supermarket or a friend’s house or just twice around the park.
  23. Go to the pool – Even if you’re more of a lounger than a swimmer, you’re bound to spend some time in the water.
  24. Stretch each day – Stretching helps to prevent muscle cramps, may alleviate back pain, and reduce stress.
  25. Pick a hobby that gets you to work with your hands – Woodworking, painting, bee keeping, etc.

Bonus tip: Read at least one more post on this blog – It’s good for your mind. Then, start being more active.
Jonathan Dunsky writes on healthy nutrition and fitness for men and women on World of Diets. He helps people create short workouts that fit our busy modern lifestyle.