Everyone has a dream lifestyle. Living it, however, is another matter.

There is one thing you must have if you want to live yours: freedom. Freedom here is the ability to live on your own terms. Without it, you can’t live your dream lifestyle because you must follow someone else’s terms.

There are three components of freedom:

  • Financial independence: having the money to sustain the lifestyle you want.
  • Time independence: having control of how you spend your time.
  • Location independence: having control of where your location is.

The more you have of these three components, the more freedom you have, and the more you can live your dream lifestyle.

Of course, it’s not easy to have them. In fact, it could take years of effort. But it’s definitely achievable.

Here are two main ways to get freedom:

1. Increase your bargaining power at work.

This is what you should do if you work at someone else’s organization. The organization is not yours, so you must follow its rules. That may make it difficult for you to get the last two components of freedom: time and location independence.

The solution? Increase your bargaining power. You can do that by increasing your value to the organization. The more your organization needs you, the more it will be willing to negotiate.

2. Have your own business.

Another way to get freedom is to have your own business. Be careful though: not all kinds of business qualify. Many businesses only transfer the control from your boss to your clients. If in the past your boss controlled your every move, now it’s your clients who do so. Doesn’t sound good, does it?

So, make sure that you build the right kind of business. In my case, I built a lifestyle business, but I’m sure there are other ways.


There is a similarity between the two methods above: they are not easy. The fact is, getting freedom requires a fight. But it’s something worth fighting for.

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Photo by Ian Sane